Frequently Asked Questions About TraderPages


What is a TraderPage?


A TraderPage is a single web page of static information about your business, hosted on the goinlocal website and linked to by various goinlocal pages. Here are some examples  1  2  3  4  5  6


Why do I need a TraderPage?

For those who don’t have a website

  • ·      It gives you a presence on the internet at low cost.
  • ·      It gives you the opportunity to tell people the basic details of your business.How else do you tell them in the        comfort of their own homes –
  •  who you are
  • ·where you are
  •  your hours of business
  • ·how to contact you
  •  what you sell
  •  how good you are at what you do
  • ·how long you have been in business
  • ·what you specialise in
  • ·what geographical area you cover

For those who already have a website

  • It brings together and displays the basic details of your business in a way that your own website may not do
  • It lets you say things relevant to the local situation that your website might not say, particularly if your website is     corporate and focused on the group rather than the individual shop.
  • It may be easier to change your trader page than change your website


How Do I Get a TraderPage

Contact goinlocal through our website We create it for you. We identify the basic information that should be on your TraderPage and you tell us what is special about your business that needs to be shared with the local community. You simply check the information is correct.


How Much Does it Cost?

It costs £150-00 per annum. That’s less than £3 per week. For that you get a full colour advertisement promoting your business, linked to your own website, constantly on display for a full twelve months, seen by 130 thousand local people, your customers. Compare that to the alternatives:-

  •  A simple website could conservatively cost you £300-00 to develop, £100-00 per annum to host, and lots of time to promote and keep up to date
  • An advertisement, probably monochrome, lost in a sea of similar ads, seen once then consigned to the bin,  £40 a month